Sunday, July 23, 2017

Dried Lemon Verbena - Use THIS Not THAT

This photo shows dried Lemon Verbena leaves grown and packaged in France, where it's called Verveine. French herb tea drinkers love their Lemon Verbena after meals to improve digestion. That's one popular use. And many people drink it to relax, any time of day or night. Only use THIS type of dried leaves, a quality Lemon Verbena product.

Now take a another look at the product in the photo above, then contrast it to the photo below, a product imported from South America and sold as Lemon Verbena, also called Cedron.

When I showed this photo to my husband, who raises Lemon Verbena with me here in North Texas, I asked him what he saw, besides Lemon Verbena leaves. He said, "wood chips." 

Well, I think he's right! The product contains some leaves, yes, but also a large percentage of woody stems, twigs and bark, which will NOT make delightful herb tea at all.  Don't use a product looking like THAT!

Lemon Verbena for making tea and for cooking should only contain leaves, and never contain twigs, stems or bark. The dried leaves will look surprisingly fresh again when steeping in hot water.

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