Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Lemon Verbena - Before and After Pruning

Lemon Verbena - Before & After Pruning for Growth

People ask me how and when to prune Lemon Verbena plants successfully.  I remind them that Lemon Verbena is a bush. Think about how it works whenever you trim bushes. It makes them grow more, right? That's how a healthy Lemon Verbena plant responds to pruning, too. This photo shows how I prune my plants, and when. Meaning, I prune them when the stems are 12" or more in length. And I prune them 'way back to the first or second set of leaves on the stem. That encourages more stems and more growth of lovely, lemony-scented leaves to harvest!

We're growing Holy Basil in the field this year, too. Here's a photo showing Holy Basil (Tulsi) before and after pruning.
Holy Basil, also known as Tulsi.

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  1. do you grow your Holy Basil from seeds or cuttings? I cannot find either the seeds or the plants at my local nursery. Where do you order yours from?