Friday, September 14, 2018

F*R*E*E Lemon Verbena For Growing Indoors

While they last, we're offering FREE Lemon Verbena Roots for growing your own plant indoors this winter. 
Whitesboro, TX pick up only.
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What a great crop of Texas Grown Lemon Verbena we have this year! It's our first significant harvest from the field (last year was an experiment) and we are learning throughout the whole process, from planting to harvest.

It's hard to see in this photo, but we experimented with the distance between plants in each row. Lemon Verbena roots are not large, so the plants can grow much closer than we originally planned, especially when taking multiple cuttings throughout the growing season, April - September here in Zone 7b.

One thing we learned last year with a few plants in the field is that pushing for a 4th cutting is not worth the trouble. That's why we're pulling up the plants now, in mid-September. 

Lemon Verbena plants cut back this time of year will not produce luxurious growth or normal-size leaves as they grow back. The growth is rather stunted and the leaves are like miniature versions of normal leaves. 

It may be the angle of the sun that causes less-than-profuse growth. That's my theory right now, and it's the reason we're pulling up the plants now instead of encouraging them to continue growing until frost.

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