Saturday, October 6, 2018

After the Final Lemon Verbena Harvest

I wasn't in the mood to get face-down in the dirt today, so I took this photo from up above. It's really hard to see the little Lemon Verbena plants because they are the same color as the soil here in North Texas. 

Why am I subjecting you to this difficult photo? Because it makes the point that pruning Lemon Verbena 'way back is a good thing to do. The plants are little bushes and they have well-developed root systems which are not deep but they are sturdy. These plants may look dead, but they are very much alive!

Rain is forecast over the next four days, so I wanted to get the photo immediately following our thrid and final Lemon Verbena harvest for the 2018 season. Beautiful green sprouts and leaves will be appearing soon, certainly after the rain. I'll get good photos, even if I have to get face-down in the mud!

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