Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Lemon Verbena - Perfect Tea at Night!

Lemon Verbena herb tea is ideal for an after dinner drink, and also for a pleasant, hot beverage right before bedtime. Why? It's light, delicious and relaxing, and it contains no caffeine. 

Personally, I like to make my Lemon Verbena herb tea quite strong. I simply prefer the strong, lemony flavor, but that's not all. I also know it has more medicinal benefit, too.

Children can enjoy Lemon Verbena tea in their sippy cups or even their baby bottles. No sugar or honey is needed, which makes it popular with dentists and health-conscious parents!

UK healer and blogger, Suzanne Askham says, "All summer long my new Aloysia citrodora [Latin name for Lemon Verbena] has been sitting in my front yard, soaking up the sunshine in a large earthenware pot. It grows quickly, and has even flowered profusely with tiny, fragrant blooms. I cut a stalk at a time, put it in water indoors, and use it successively for three or four cups of tea. It is just beautiful. Before the weather gets too wintry, I will bring it into a cool garden room, to protect it from frost."

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